Exhibition Scope

1. Modern agricultural achievement zone

National exhibitions; Great agricultural province modern agricultural development achievement exhibition; National modern agriculture demonstration park, science and technology park; Agricultural leading enterprise image exhibition; Demonstration of key scientific research projects in agricultural fields and technical achievements of agricultural colleges and universities; Rural tourism, beautiful rural image exhibition; Animal husbandry technology, etc.

2. Intelligent farming zone

Integrated intelligent solutions in agricultural segmentation; Agricultural Internet of Things technology and equipment for environmental awareness and monitoring; Agricultural big data, databases, algorithms and models; Intelligent agricultural robot、Intelligent agricultural machinery, modern agricultural equipment and software, etc; Agricultural e-commerce and other agricultural information technology and services, etc.

3. Agricultural aviation zone

Agricultural aircraft and spare parts, software systems;agricultural aviation application technology and spraying equipment、 remote sensing technology、special products, etc; agricultural aircraft leasing、maintenance、training and other service enterprises.

4. Agricultural machinery zone

Greenhouse engineering, greenhouse materials & supporting systems; garden machinery, biological tissue culture, cultivation techniques and equipment, plant lighting & factory solutions; precision irrigation schemes and software and hardware.

5. International agricultural environmental protection zone

① Agricultural environmental protection technology and equipment: livestock and poultry waste treatment, resource utilization technology equipment; disease-free livestock and poultry harmless treatment technology equipment; biomass power generation technology and equipment; crop straw comprehensive utilization technology equipment; environmental monitoring, soil remediation Technical equipment in other fields, etc.

② Rural environmental protection technology and equipment: treatment technology and equipment for rural water supply, sewage, garbage, river water treatment equipment, rural toilet renovation and manure treatment technology and equipment.

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