Scope of Exhibits

1. Comprehensive Exhibition

National pavilions; achievement exhibitions of major agricultural provinces on modern agricultural development; state-level modern agricultural demonstration parks, science and technology parks; leading agricultural enterprises’ image exhibition; key agriculture-related scientific research projects, agricultural colleges and universities technology achievement exhibition; rural tourism and beautiful countryside image exhibition; science and technology of animal husbandry, etc. 

2. Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural planting machinery; water-saving irrigation devices; agricultural facilities and equipment; agricultural and side-line product processing machinery; signature agricultural machinery for the production of tea, edible fungus, etc.; garden machinery; agricultural transport machinery; engineering machinery that is applicable in agriculture and various kinds of agricultural machinery accessories.

3. Agricultural Aviation

Agricultural aircraft for seeding, fertilizing, weeding, pest control, etc.; aerial remote sending technique, measurement technology and testing equipment; aerial pesticide application technology and spraying equipment; general aviation industrial parks and financial and investment institutions; service enterprises providing services of renting, fixing, maintenance, driver training, etc.

4. Intelligent & Precision Agriculture

Intelligent Agriculture:Internet of things; sensor network, robot and other new information technologies and equipment; intelligent irrigation equipment and system; intelligent control, environmental perception,remote monitoring, precision operation, intensive feeding  technologies and equipment; agricultural e-commerce; internet + agriculture; agricultural service system; agricultural internet financial and investment institutions; agricultural informatization operator and related enterprises; PV agricultural integration technologies and equipment, traceability in the quality and safety of agricultural products.

Precision Agriculture: GPS, farmland information collecting system,  geographic information system, agricultural experts, intelligent agricultural machinery system, environment monitoring system, SI, network-based management system and training system. 

5. Facility Agriculture

Various agricultural facilities, greenhouse materials, gardening equipment, nursery container like drying trays, greenhouse skeleton structure, movable sprinkler, ecological instruments, thermal insulation covers, roll-up motors, wet-curtain fan, greenhouse electronic heaters and other advanced technologies and products of protected agriculture.

6. Pesticides and Fertilizers

Fertilizers: fertilizer products, soil conditioner, humectant, straw decomposition agent, growth regulators, soil fertilizer testing instruments, agricultural implements, etc.    

Pesticides: insecticides, bactericides, herbicides, rodenticide, biological pesticides, environmentally-friendly pesticides, raw materials and formulation/adjuvant of pesticides, etc. 

7. Seeds & Seedlings

Seeds: grain crop seeds; vegetable seeds; cash crop seeds; seed processing, packages, coating agents, packaging machinery and equipment, etc.; new types of seeds, new techniques, and relevant facilities.

Seedlings: green seedlings (arbors, shrubs, lianas), seeds, seed bulbs (seedlings), ornamental plants, flowers, etc.

8. Soil Prevention and Control

Farmland soil remediation and restoration techniques; technology and equipment for the harmless disposal of agricultural wastes; technologies and products for the degradation of mulch film; technologies and products for the harmless prevention and control of crops; agricultural testing instruments, equipment, etc. 

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