Exhibition Program

Booth Rate

Type of Booth

Standard Booth (9 m2)
(per booth)

Corner Standard Booth (9 m2)
(per booth)

Raw Space

(A minimum of 36 m2)
(per booth)

Domestic Enterprise

RMB 9,800

RMB 10,800

RMB 980 /m2

Foreign Enterprise

USD 2,600

USD 2,800

USD 260 /m2

Sino-foreign equity joint Venture

RMB 10,800

RMB 12,000

RMB 1,080 /m2


A. Standard booth facilities include carpet, company information on the fascia board in both Chinese and English, one consulting desk, two folding chairs, two spotlights or fluorescent lamps, one 220V socket.

B. Exhibitors who book raw spaces shall pay for the booth decoration fees by themselves (see The Exhibitor’s Handbook).

1) Exhibition Catalogue Advertisements: Size285mm×210mm, imported coated paper, 4-color fine print

Front Cover


Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Back Cover

Color Inside Page

RMB 18,000

RMB 12,000

RMB 10,000

RMB 8 ,000

RMB 12,000

RMB 5,000 /Page

2) Recommended Advertisements

Admission Ticket

(per 10,000 tickets)


Sky Balloon

(per balloon)

Name Badge

Rainbow Gate

(per gate)


(per 1,000 bags)

RMB 6,000

 RMB 20,000

RMB 4,800

RMB 20,000

RMB 8,000

RMB 8,000

3)     Technical seminars/new product release conferences: During the exhibition, the organizing committee will assist both domestic and international exhibitors in holding technical seminars/new product release conferences in the conference rooms at the venue. Please feel free to call us or log on to the official website of the exhibition for further details.

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