The Themes exhibition area » flower horticulture

Exbition area of international flower horticulture

1. Garden machinery, garden machinery;Seedlings, grass seeds, garden landscape;Landscape materials;Garden furniture;Water features.Three-dimensional greening;Agriculture sightseeing

2. Greenhouse facilities and supporting materials;Seed;Irrigation;Agricultural Internet of things;Agricultural financial

3. Flowers/floral materials/home gardening zone;Garden tools/garden machinery area/three-dimensional greening

Seeds, medium balls and seedlings;Potted plants.Ornamental plants;Domestic gardening;Simulated plants;Gardening supplies;Fertilizer;Nutrient solution;Matrix;Flower POTS;Biological control

4. Succulent plants; Fresh cut flowers and leaves;Floral materials, flower shop supplies;Flower logistics;Flower show

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