The Themes exhibition area » environmental protection

Exbition area of international agricultural and rural environmental protection

Agricultural environmental protection technology and equipment

Technical equipment and production technology for collection, treatment and utilization of livestock and poultry manure;

Collection, transportation, utilization, harmless treatment technology equipment and production technology of diseased and dead livestock and poultry;

Aquaculture sewage treatment, waste gas treatment technology and equipment

Biomass gasification and solidification technology and equipment, biomass energy generation technology and equipment

Garbage power generation technology and equipment, biogas utilization and power generation technology and equipment

Crop straw collection and comprehensive utilization of technical equipment and production technology

New biological fertilizer, new biological pesticide, soil conditioner

High efficiency new type of fertilizer application machine;

Agricultural ecological environment monitoring technology and equipment

Soil remediation technology and products.

technology and equipment for environmental protection in rural areas

Rural sewage treatment technology and equipment

Technology and equipment for controlling rural rivers and streams

Rural water supply water treatment technology and equipment

Rural garbage disposal technology and equipment;

Rural toilet renovation and manure disposal technology and equipment.

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